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Quality excavating services are often hard to come by due to the experience and equipment necessary to do it right, but Williams, AZ, customers are set with Dirty Deeds Tractor and Services. Our team takes excavating services to the next level by keeping our customers involved the entire way. 

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Excavating Specialists

Our excavating company has a team that has planned countless construction projects for our community. Our crew is exceptional at mapping out every step of what we’ll be doing on your property, and we always keep our clients involved to ensure their satisfaction. 


One of the most common excavating services we provide at Dirty Deeds Tractor and Services is trenching, where we clear land to provide a trench for different types of projects. Our equipment has the range and power to create an amazing trench for you to take advantage of. Call our excavating specialists today to see how we can provide great trenching services for your land. 

Land Clearing

As our company offers different types of excavating services, we also do total land clearing. Let us be your helping hand in turning a newly acquired piece of land into the home or business of your dreams. Our team is experienced and has the powerful equipment to make it happen, including a brand new grapple.

A grapple (also called a root rake grapple) can dig out the roots of tall weed patches and move that debris to the spot of your choosing. It is designed to handle difficult materials, such as brush, logs, tree stumps, and more.

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Never hesitate to contact Dirty Deeds Tractor and Services about any projects you’re considering. We love speaking with both current and prospective clients on how we can make their dreams a reality. We’ll also provide an estimate of our services with no obligation to you.

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